OpenAL audio test apps for Delphi and Java

OpenAL audio test applications for Delphi and Java.

OpenALTest (delphi)
Object-Oriented OpenAL test (oooal delphi)
PlayAudio (Java)

OpenAL headers used by oooal test Download this and see for file references. You may want to change reference folders.

You need to install OpenAL runtime library first to get OpenAL32.dll library. It might work if you just copy it to your apps root folder but I've never tried. has a memory leak problem. OOALTest uses a different header files and does not have memory problems.

2007-10-19 12:00:00
OggPlayerTest plays .wav and .ogg files. Files are read to a memory buffer then played, paused, looped or stopped. This demo has all dll files in an application folder, so you don't need to run OpenAL installer. It also uses an updated OpenAL and OGG .pas headers.
Windows OpenAL runtime installer
OpenAL tutorial
OpenAL Delphi tutorial
OpenAL tutorial
Short introduction to OpenAL
OGG Vorbis