last update: 2007-02-24

Axis SOAP Examples

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Axis2 example using OMFactory

BabelFish example
Download the following zip containing the example project. It will use BabelFish translation service. does not have Axis jar libraries to minimize the size of zip file. Project has two versions of using the remote soap service: 1) Create Call instance and invoke it, 2) Use strongly typed stub

You must download Axis distribution package from Axis site, or additionally may download a separate to testrun it. But still you should download Axis package to have a complete documentation. example project runtime jars
BabelFish service is not available anymore, so this example does not work.

QuoteService from xmethods site
Example has two remote call versions:
1) Create Call instance and invoke it
2) Use strongly typed stubs

You must download Axis1.2 or newer distribution package from Axis site. See readme.txt for a list of jar files you need to extract from distribution package. example project