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Cannot create shared resource. (Windows error 5)
Patrick Moore
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 17:00:03 +1200 

HI, I am using the following...
Win2K, IB5.5, Delphi 5, Native IB Controls,

I am accessing my .GDB from an ASP DLL and a standard Delphi App. Whenever I
try to access the database after one of the apps has finished I get the
following error.

"Exception EIBClientError in module DelphiApp.exe at 0006A440"
"Cannot create shared resource. (Windows error 5)"

I have to restart Interbase Services before either App will work again?

Has anyone ever experienced the above error? What did you do to fix it???

What version of IBX are you running?  I'm pretty sure this was fixed in one
of the updates.  The current version is 4.2.
Version information for "dclib50.bpl" reports  IBX50??????

The update patch did not update IBX.  You need to apply update 1 first and then
IBX 4.2 which you can either get from CodeCentral or the Interbase web site.


Yeah, I'm getting the same error on NT4, IB5.6, D3...
I'm taking a source code kit up to the site tomorrow to check it out...
Geoff Groube


I've written a middle tier server executable that is hosted on the web by
Defined.Net. It uses the
IBExpress components to connect to a Interbase 6 server, and uses dbOvernet
to communicate
with the client over the Internet. Now I don't have a problem connecting to
the server over the net,
but the hosting company have told me that whenever my server exe is running
then none of their
other customers can connect to Interbase. They get the following error :

'Unhandled Exception: Cannot create shared resource. (Windows error 5)'.

Anyone have any ideas as to what this exception means and what might cause


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Päivämäärä:2001-10-16 16:08:54 PST 

Update to the latest IBX.  The original shipping components in D5 did not set up
security rights correctly.  This was fixed about 18 months ago though.

Jo Beaven wrote:


has anyone experienced any problems running a service application making a
connection to an Interbase db using TIBDatabase and then trying to launch a
'normal' application also connecting ot another ib database using
I get a win32 error like 'cannot create shared resource'.
I have traced it , and I think it comes from the lack of security attributes
that are used when creating the sql monitor object after attaching to the
interbase database: all the createMutex, create memory mapped file etc. use
nil as security attributes. This, I think, prevents applications living in
another (user? (the NT service runs under the LocalSystem account.) or
something else?) space from accessing these windows objects.
I could very simply reproduce the same error by creating a service that
creates a mutex with a certain name and then launching an application trying
to get a handle to that mutex...
Is this a bug in ibx, or have I missed something?
the FIB component did not have that problem, since in my version at least,
monitorhook.dbconnect is commented out!
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Raphael Ploix
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Aihe:Re: ibx database component and NT services... 
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Are you on the 4.2 update?  I've tested the SQLMonitor code with Services and it
should no longer have problems since the security descriptor is now being
correctly set.


Update your IBX.  You are using a very old version. See Codecentral for most up-to-date versions.

Codecentral: List of files by authorid 10

Codecentral: IBX 5.03 for D5 (SP1)

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