Firebird2 UTF8 test

see my old test page about FB1 unicode. This page summarizes my FB2 findings. Lets see how far I can go. Previous Firebird versions had UNICODE_FSS charset but it cannot handle multibytes correctly. Firebird2 engine has a properly implemented UTF8 charset. You should always use UTF8 charset in FB2.

FlameRobin Windows Admin Tool
Windows Flamerobin 0.7.5-unicode version

Firebirdsql database engine
Windows db engine WI-V2.0.0.12710 Firebird 2.0 Release Candidate 3

jdbctool simple query tool
Use this tool to run sql insert queries and test results between querytool and FlameRobin. It's a full sources, testdb and compiled binaries to try it out.

1: Create test database
* Run "{fb}\bin\isql.exe" commandline util to create a database
   SQL> CREATE DATABASE 'c:\program files\firebird\db\testutf8.fdb' 
        user 'sysdba' password 'masterkey' DEFAULT CHARACTER UTF8;
   SQL> SELECT * FROM rdb$database;
* Or use FlameRobin Database/Create new Database command
2: Run FlameRobin-Unicode.exe and create table
* register server and database to flamerobin
* database/run query and create table
     CREATE TABLE Customer (
      id INTEGER NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(50), city varchar(15),
      balance numeric(12,3), code VARCHAR(2),
3: Run INSERT INTO queries to add test records
* Insert Into customer values(1, 'custABC','cityABC', 11.11, 'ab');
  Insert Into customer values(2, 'scand','ÅÄÖ', 2, 'åÅ');
  Insert Into customer values(3, 'greek','ψωϊ', 3, 'ψω');
  Insert Into customer values(4, 'cyrillic','ѰѱѲ', 4, 'ѰѲ');
  Insert Into customer values(5, 'fin+greek+cyrillic', 'ÅÄÖψωϊѰѱѲ', 5, 'åÅ');

I have changed cell font to Arial Unicode MS because it is a superior unicode aware font. Its probably one of the best you can find on any platform.
And query font is changed to Arial Unicode MS as well.

I created a simple jdbc querytool to insert unicode values query tool and compared inserts made with jdbcquery-tool and Flamerobin tool.